Having a pet takes a lot of love, and a lot of work. TailWaggers is a resource you can turn to when you need a little help.

BUSY?  With TailWaggers, you don't have to worry if your schedule doesn't fit theirs. We're committed to giving your pets reliable, warm attention. Come home to relaxed, happy and loving pets, rather than ones that are pent up with frustration and boredom.

TRAVELING?  With TailWaggers, your pets get dependable and loving care, to your specifications. Don't worry about your bird surviving on the food and water left in its cage. Don't scramble for neighbors and friends for feeding and litter cleaning. Don't worry that someone forgot a morning or an evening walk.

HOME CARE! With TailWaggers, your pets stay within the familiar sights, smells and sounds of home. They won't be exposed to the illnesses of other animals, or have to live in a cage or concrete run. Especially for adopted pets, home care eliminates any fear of being “given away” again, or that you'll never return. TailWaggers won't prevent your pets from missing you while you’re gone, but Fluffy and Fido will be safe, happy and well cared for until you do return.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured
Member of and Insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

5% of Pet Sitting Fees are donated to rescue organizations around the Bay area

We're happy to provide references on request.